This covers his first year. Theres links to videos at the bottom

First step out of the car.

First encounter with lady. She was happy to see him at first then went to bitch mode, and now shes going bipolar back and forth. Shes just not used to him.

Coming into the house on his own

Big paws

Porter laying on Charlie with Lady behind them.

He was awake but then I rubbed his belly and he just fell asleep on Karls bed.

Again, he just fell asleep. This time with his head over the edge of my bed.

He likes being outside

Again, he just fell asleep.

Noticing a pattern here?

When he gets bigger wont be able to fit there.

He thinks Im a chew toe.

When he sleeps behind the couch thats his private area. He does not like it when people bother him there.

Two weeks old
First night
Being cute.